kUcheR parted with HellRaisers

08 March 2016

"Hellraiser" left leading player Emil «kUcheR» Akhundov (Ukraine). The Ukrainian player has expired term of the contract and the team Counter-Strike: Global Offensive "HellRaisers" (CIS) decided not to renew it. Yesterday wrote about it on the official website of the leading sports organization RU-zone.

Emil «kUcheR» Akhundov came to the famous club two years ago, March 7, 2014. Together with a team of pro-gamer won a lot of trophies, among them the first place in the Premier tournament Acer Predator Masters in August 2015.
HellRaisers team achievements with "kUcheR":

Emil - 27 years old and he is full of strength and energy for new challenges. One of its major trophies athlete believes victory on European Minor Championship in 2016, as the team won a quota for MLG Columbus. Although the team missed the chance (not leaving the band on qualification), we see that the player has clear characteristics of a team player.

March 7, 2016 expired contract with the club and the parties decided not to renew it.
"We wish to Emil Akhundov new highs in their professional career, as a pro-gamer with bekgraund will be a great addition for any team in the CIS countries and the world."
Official site HellRaisers.
Emil Akhundov «kUcheR», despite their age, are not going to sit on a bench spare and looks forward to a successful career. The roster "Hellraiser" was on Riflerposition. Emil in the search for a new team. "I'm sorry to leave this club, because it was my second home. The managers offered me "a rest" as a stand-in, and my place to take the new young pro player. However, this situation I did not accept and we civilized" parted ". Thanks to everyone who knows me, loves as a player. Those who supported me in the team for many years."
Current official roster CS: GO.HellRaisers:
Kirill Karasev, ANGE1 (Ukraine) - Captain
Tomas Stastny, oskar (Czech Republic)
Martin Stick, STYKO (Slovakia)
Patrick Zhudel, Zero (Slovakia) - stand-in
Sergey Sklyarenko, smike (Ukraine) - stand-in
Sergey Bezhanov, lmbt (Ukraine) - Coach
Yuri Donchenko