Why the Chinese eSports is going through difficult times. Interviews Tan "71" Wenyi

14 March 2016

After the failure of the tournament The Shanghai Major 2016 Chinese team manager EHOME Tang "71" Wenyi gave an interview to the popular Internet edition. Recall that EHOME - one of the pillars of Chinese DotA. This is one of the oldest teams, established in 2004. Tang "71" Wenyi told about the last "winter major", changes in EHOME team and plans for the future.

- What kind of training conducted EHOME team to Shanghai Major?
71: We are prepared as usual in the framework of the preparation that we have carried out in other tournaments. Except, of course, the point that at this time of the entire Chinese people - the New Year. So we had a little less time in comparison with the western teams.

- What went wrong in the group stage? (Recall, EHOME lost 2 games and won one).
71: In preparation for our "winter major" we were originally in a losing position. Before that we had a difficult tournament MDL (MarsTV Dota 2 League Winter 2015), where we won the 1st place. It was already late when we realized that the tactics and strategy that led us to victory in the MDL of, not suitable for Shanghai Major. Prior to Shanghai we won 3 consecutive tournament. This gave a significant charge for the players confidence. However, this is prevented in the restructuring of the tactics in the Shanghai tournament.

- Why do other Chinese teams were so bad at the Shanghai Major?
71: Lack of fresh blood on the scene, encouraging. Old players lacks novelty in his manner of playing. Very few players and teams really wanted to win the title.
Poor quality of labor and in the matches to prepare for them.
Time. Let me remind you, the Chinese team had a New Year's Eve.
3 March - a significant date for all of the Chinese eSports. Chinese DotA said goodbye to Top 8. It was the day when I first supported Newbee (another Chinese team to Shanghai, which also played in the lower branch of the Main Event).

- Why did you break up with Cty and chose iceiceice and Fenrir?
71: By Cty: he did a lot for EHOME success. I do not want to do here is nothing to say that he allegedly did not or would not. I believe that in the future he will be able to play .. as a top player in the match against former team against the other top teams.
According iceiceice and Fenrir: It was a very difficult decision for me. Even taking into account that these two players were not offered anything that was not in our own gamers.
The first thing on iceiceice: I knew this player when coached Team DK with it. I know all his strengths.

iceiceice - a very good player, with only immediate decision-making and the ability to read the game. Also he is able to impose his game and create opportunities.
By Fenrir: when you miss 5 positions in the team, in China - it was not an easy decision. Despite his age (27 years) and the ability to potentially acceptable game, what else could be done? He and I had a long discussion of our questions. But I liked his style of communication - direct, honest. I also liked his attitude, he is the only one of a whole new roster told me: "Let us not continue longer break, I want to train."

- What EHOME plans for the future?
71: That's a good question. We do have big plans, but right now to talk about it yet. There is a difference between us and the well-known international teams. I'll give a lot of attention and follow the popular games, expanding to other projects. Also EHOME team, I think we will achieve success and its results, which will allow the brand and proud to thank our fans. In short, we will work hard to become an international eSports club on top level.
Yuri Donchenko