Player of Luminosity Gaming "fnx" - a cheater?

15 March 2016

Gaining momentum scandal associated with the banned account of player Brazilian Luminosity Gaming team Lincoln "fnx" Lau. Yesterday, the famous British commentator and analyst eSports Duncan "Thorin" Shields accused the Brazilian cheating, citing as evidence the story of nicknames pro-gamer community Steam.

Duncan Shields presented to the public Steam-account KingOfRoad, which allegedly belongs to the player known teams - medalist recently held tournament CSGO IEM Katowice 2016.

British journalist supported colleague Richard Lewis. According to him, this story needed to investigate public.

With the leadership of the Brazilian team was immediately answered on Twitter:

26-year-old Lincoln fnx Lau, who serves now for Luminosity Gaming (Brazil) to the position of a sniper (Rifler, lurker), among its achievements over the 15-year career in Counter-Strike has more than a dozen awards 1-2's places in tournaments Premier level.

Only a part of LG had two second places at DreamHack Leipzig in 2016, and Intel Extreme Masters X - World Championship. For Luminosity fnx player acts mainly roster in November 2015. Before that, he played in the Games Academy and more than 20 clubs.

Independent investigation revealed that the account was indeed KingOfRoad associated with Luminosity Gaming Captain Gabriel's profile «FalleN» Toledo (Gabriel Toledo). Also nicks story is ultimately to fnx. KingOfRoad was blocked for 711 days VAC organization.

Valve until the story has not commented.

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