The pool of investors led by Tencent invest $ 100 million dollars in a Chinese streaming company Douyu TV.

18 March 2016

A competitor to Twitch, Chinese streaming company Douyu TV will receive funding in the form of investments of $ 100 millions. Investors were once three Chinese companies: Tencent Holdings ($ 61 millions), Sequoia Capital China and Nanshan Capital. First reported the news to Chinese sources 3 days ago. Thus, Douyu TV company became "unicorn", ie company with financial assets of more than $ 1 billion dollars. Douyu TV owns eSports team DOTA 2 "CDEC.DouyuTV" (China).

"The era of eSports. Tencent relies on streaming online service." - by these words local Chinese media wrote about the financial investments of the telecommunication giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. in Douyu TV platform. This move Tencent, the creator of the most popular instant messenger in China WeChat, aims to provide a dominant position on the local Chinese market of online games in fighting Panda TV competitors and Tmall Box Office.

Douyu founded in 2013. It is similar to, which was acquired by Amazon Corporation in 2014 for $ 970 million dollars. In connection with the new investment value of the company Douyu TV increased to $ 939 million dollars. The platform has 200 million users each month with 15 million daily coverage. Tencent has already managed to declare "the deepening of the bilateral agreement on strategic cooperation." During the development of the investment plan provides for cooperation "in the field of entertainment, culture and sport". Thus, the infusion is designed to develop projects on intellectual property lines, original content and copyright.

In China, about 450 million gamers with incomes in the local market for more than $ 22 billion this year. But desktop video game market is already saturated. The main competition will be held in the growing mobile gaming market space.
Tencent Holdings Limited - Chinese investment holding company, which has subsidiaries in the media, entertainment, Internet and mobile communications. Headquartered in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. Also WeChat in the list of assets includes: Messenger instant messaging Tencent QQ, the largest web portal in China Tencent - one of the most powerful Internet companies in the world. With a 15% stake in, Alibaba competes with corporations, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook and Google. The market value of Tencent's assets reach $ 200 billions.
For Tencent Holdings has recently invested in several projects geymingovyh. In December 2015 I bought last free shares of American developer of League of Legends "Riot Games Inc.". Also it owns Epic Games, GLU mobile and Pocket Gems.
Recall that in late 2015, HitBox platform has received investment $ 4 million dollars. Also in December 2015, $ 59 million dollars received and Azubu.
Yuri Donchenko