On the eve of the Grand Final WGL 2016. Interview with Tornado Rox team

20 March 2016

Team Tornado Rox is not the first time Europe for tank battles Wargaming.net League. In October 2015 in Poznań Game Arena team won first place at Continental Rumble, winning fame and glory (and $ 45 thousand dollars!). Boys managed to beat Wombats on Tanks (2nd place), Natus Vincere (3rd place) and NSS (Not so Serious, 4th place). In April 2016 Tornado Rox (EU) will represent the region at the Grand Final WGL 2016. March 18, the draw: Tornado Rox (EU) in Group D.

Recall that the Grand Final WGL 2015 was held in Warsaw, Poland in the arena Expo in April 2015. Russian champions were simple guys from HELLRAISERS (CIS).

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Tankers Tornado Rox (EU) asked a few simple questions on the eve of the championship. Here are their answers.

- What a crazy strategy that you are trying to implement this season? She works?
Tornado Rox: Our team uses different tactics, including crazy this season. We showed them in particular against the Kazna Kru in the middle of the season.

Then it worked. And it is very well so. Studying our alignment, it was possible to think that we go to the center, but instead we went to second base on the island. From there, the enemy tanks was very uncomfortable to attack us because we quickly seized control.

- Do you have any special strategy for the Grand Final?
Tornado Rox: Like most teams, our team has a set of different features and special. strategy to surprise the enemy. Sometimes one of them comes to our mind and we decide to implement it immediately. If it works in training, we can use it during official matches. If not, we will reject it or put off until better times.

- What is your favorite map?
Tornado Rox: Himmelsdorf. Our team almost always wins in this map, and we always feel confident on it. Our competitors know this and do not want to play with us on this card. Yes! This is our strongest card.

- What card do you dislike the most?
Tornado Rox: If you look at the statistics of our team this season, you can see that we do not like Cliff. We often lost on her and almost never train on this card. We decided so early in the season, because we think the map Cliff very randomly. In most cases, on the map Cliff winner is not determined by the game and start to do this.
Yuri Donchenko