2 eSports tournaments under the patronage of StarLadder in Kiev.

22 March 2016

Professional gaming league StarLadder, whose headquarters is located in Kiev (Ukraine), and streaming channel ImbaTV (China) announced just two large-scale tournament in Kiev: SL i-League CS: GO Invitational and SL i-League Dota Invitational. On March 21, the official website of the tournament organizers reported StarLadder details. Competitions will be held respectively: SL i-League CS: GO Invitational 19-22 of May and SL i-League Dota Invitational 14-17 of April. Fans book place. Watch live stream from the field battle on our site CybBet.com!

Kiev eSports Arena, there will be the SL i-League Invitational on Dota

Tournament with a budget of $ 100 000 dollars SL i-League Dota Invitational will take place in a modern sports complex "Kiev eSports Arena", which was built specifically for cyber international competitions in 2010. At the Arena in the main hall is the scene for the LAN-events pro-gamers with 10 computers. There were tournaments ASUS Cup series. Here were matches and CSGO IEM European Finals in 2011. Experts note that the Kiev location has all the prerequisites to become the "Mecca of European eSports."

At the tournament SL i-League Dota Invitational has invited Alliance (Sweden), Vici Gaming (China), LGD (China) and MVP.Phoenix (Korea). You already know that MVP.Phoenix (South Korea) won Dota Pit League Season 4 the first place, defeating in the final Evil Geniuses (3: 0). In total, the top-level games will be attended by 8 teams in the world.
Some teams have reason to skip the competition: Team Liquid, Team Secret, Team Empire and others take part in the ESL One Manila, which will be held April 22-24, immediately after SL i-League Dota Invitational. Watch the matches on our portal, you will be able to see for myself how right team leaders on the selection of tournaments for game practice.

Olympic NSC. SL i-League Invitational on Counter-Strike will be held here

SL i-League CS: GO Invitational will be held at the Olympic NSC - one of the biggest stadiums in Europe. The same format (8 teams), the same budget (also $ 100 thousand dollars).
Invited and confirmed their participation the following commands: Virtus.pro (Russia), Luminosity Gaming (Brazil) and Natus Vincere (Ukraine).
Yuri Donchenko