Kyle "swindlemelonzz" Freedman removes the mask. Interview about team, e-sports, and his life

29 March 2016

The journalist of the Internet-magazine told three and a half hours with the American team captain compLexity Gaming Kyle Freedman during a LAN-finals Dota Pit League Season 4 tournament in the Croatian city of Split. Recall that the tournament was held March 19-20, 2016 and command our hero took the 3-4-th place. Kyle spoke openly and honestly about DOTA 2, and his life is a scene: past life courier teenager's strange about Trump, Cruz (US presidential candidates), education, unemployment, ... even on the techniques of "pickup girls", body language, and love.

Kyle and his team won 5-6-th place at Shanghai Major

Kyle Freedman and his brother Zachary (Zakari Freedman, "Zfreek") came to the team in the middle of 2014. At this time, Kyle joined the game Heroes of Newerth on DOTA 2. Winning American qualification The International 2015: Americas Qualifiers in 2015, is now swindlemelonzz dreams of the two trophies The International.

compLexity Gaming team occupies the 13th place ranking teams DOTA 2.

And the most popular in the ranking as much Dotabuff 33rd place.

Total DOTA 2 team compLexity Gaming has earned $ 1.7 million in 288 official matches and income is on the 23 th place in the world among all the professional teams.

Compressed up to 24 minutes of the interview with Kyle "swindlemelonzz" Freedman:

The following quote some excerpts from an interview with Kyle.

"Everyone says that I'm arrogant, because this confident. I have no self-exaltation, no confidence, no such close and no, I went to my eighth grade in a bright orange short shorts. Do you understand now how bad it was the idea ? "

- Do you remember when he realized that the pro-gaming can be a career for you, this work?

Kyle "swindlemelonzz" Freedman: Yeah .. it was a great moment, actually. It was in 2010, probably in August, maybe September. We played Calhon League for a place in the DreamHack Winter tournament and we went quals.

"I took a year to relax after a student because I had no idea what the hell I should do in my life."

- And what happened then, six years later?

Kyle "swindlemelonzz" Freedman: That's crazy! I played and lived with Zac (Zachary, the brother) five years in a row. This is what I call the surreal. I am old now, I - old! And that was my usual life, not my job, now it's my career. And if any man shall say to you do not want if you are in Singapore or Sweden, think. Then, in the early days it was easy to go to hell, let's go! But this is a very bad decision, it's a 44 hour trip. Honest: to leave his home and fly to the hotel 44 hours. Do not do that!

"You need three things in life for success: a positive attitude, self-motivation, and interpersonal communication skills"

Yuri Donchenko