For Mortal Kombat X tournaments owner of the game Warner Bros. this year will allocate half a million dollars.

31 March 2016

The owner of the game Mortal Kombat X "Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment" with a headquarter in Burbank, California with a joint European eSports League ESL planned for the current year increase their prize money for the Third season of ESL Mortal Kombat X to 500 000 dollars. This message was said a couple of days ago from officials both structures.

Recall that the second season of Mortal Kombat X Pro League ended January 24, 2016 victory of a pro-gamer cR SonicFox over UA Scar 5 with a score of 5:0 in the final match.

This is a record of the final match of the 2nd Season of Mortal Kombat X Pro League:

Teaser Mortal Kombat X - ESL Pro League Season 3:

ESL MKX Pro League of Third season will be held in 4 regions: North America, Latin America (for the first time!), Europe and the CIS. League matches will identify the 16 most powerful pro-players from around the world, who will meet in the final tournament June 12, 2016 in the ESL studios in Burbank, California (Burbank). The prize pool of the final part doubled in comparison with the second season and will reach 200 000 dollars.

But that's not all changes in the third season of ESL MKX Pro League. March 30 representatives of ESL and Warner Bros. They reported an increase in the total budget to 500 thousand dollars. Also, the League will have two branches: for professionals and for fans of eSports. ESL Mortal Kombat X Challenger Cup is open to every fan and lover of the game. Start amateur league - 2 April. Challenger Cup Matches will be held on a regular basis every day. At the end of the month we expect the final fights online.

Professional League will start on April 3 and will take place online 6 weeks in a row.

Mortal Kombat X - a popular game in the style of Fighting. Release Date: June 2, 2014 is available on PC (Windows), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game has an age restriction: 18+. Publisher: Warner Bros ..

The company Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc. (WBIE) - a leading global developer, publisher and distributor of entertainment content. The company was founded in 1993. Among the products Warner Bros .: Batman Arkham, Mortal Kombat, F.E.A.R., The Witcher and LEGO. Revenues in 2015 totaled more than $ 2.2 billion. The founder of the parent company: Time Warner.

Electronic Sports League (ESL) - one of the oldest League of eSports. It includes about 800 thousand commands. It holds tournaments for major esports disciplines: Dota 2, CSGO, World of Tanks (WOT), League of Legends, StarCraft II, and others. Daily ESL conducts more than 10,000 matches.

Yuri Donchenko