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The game industry is not standing still. Fans of gambling have certainly noted that e-sports betting portal opened a new service. Being one of the best operators betting on eSports in RU ...

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The great news for customers CybBet.com - now the commission on deposits through Sberbank lowered to 4.5% . Betting on e-sports are available now, and the winnings can be greater. Whatev...

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Have you seen when the skill is not enough, when all kinds of weapons tried, and the "fine" to the right to get "huge thing" and fool begins to start? The expensive thing of advanced weapon...

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From August 22 we launch special bonus - every 101st bet for you is free This bonus works this way: 1. You put 100 bets on Ordinar bets (express, TOTO, tournaments do not count) 2. Ca...

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By popular demand - we have finished the first step of our bonus system . For starters, August 21, we are launching a 100% bonus on your first deposit - up to $ 500! This means that you...

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We have prepared a special prize for all participants. Every 3 months , we 're giving away a super prize. "Jackpot winner" From each bet with coefficient of 1.3 and above bring some par...

e-Sports News

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Rates for eSports portal CybBet.com discipline offers our users a complete information product - News from CybBet.com. To win in the eSports rates is not enough to be able to play video games, you need to know which player is gone, and who has come or, in the language of eSports - the reshuffles in the teams

The latest news in the sports gaming industry and in the life of e-sports stars to help you sort out the rates on your favorite professional players and the best teams. It is important not to hurt anyone of ligaments of the hand players on the team, because eSports - its still a sport, not just a game. It is also important to know what the sport organization or the label received an investment, and therefore can buy new players in its roster.

News has also section "Analytics", where we offer our users a reliable information about the eSports industry. Knowing the trends of development of the world e-sports, you get an additional head start compared to our other customers. Analyzing the segments of e-sports in a particular discipline (money, people, major milestones), you will be able to predict the outcome of the competition of a tournament.

Also invaluable information to create Rates are rankings of the top teams in a particular discipline. After all, the leaders of the rating are more likely to win, and then you will be able to replenish their state of knowledge of this kind. In addition to the top teams rankings, we provide in-depth research on the development of the game in the digital era of eSports. Based on our reviews, you can improve your own and shifted to the Left in the game. After all, our mechanics and materials include games, guides, tutorials and workshops.

Special attention has the section "Bonuses", in which the materials on our contests, bonuses, competitions and promotions. Did you know that each user upon registration is the so-called "100% welcome bonus." This means that your first deposit will be doubled when you win. You can make a deposit to the CybBet.com portal up to $ 500 USD and we will credit your account up to $ 1,000 dollars USD.

Stay up to date with the main events of eSports, read our section "News" each day. Only in this way - with your hand on the pulse - youll be able to effectively win and win at betting on eSports in CSGO, DOTA, League of Legends, and a dozen other games.