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  • 854

Canada Cup went to the treasury "Digital Chaos" team

The American organization "Digital Chaos", which in its composition has 4 European player has won the Canada Cup, they faced a meeting against "Void Boys" in the final, which replaced the "...

  • 495

Team "Evil Geniuses" miss "Nanyang Championship"

A few hours ago we told you that the visa problems encountered with "Fnatic", as the team is already "EG" has announced that they too will miss the tournament because of a visa. The winners...

  • 726

"ex-SK" got a new player and organization

The Danish team "ex-SK" announced that they have acquired a new organization, which is currently decided not to advertise. And also returned to the team Asger "AcilioN" Larsen, who served i...

  • 574

EnVyUS winners of Group F [CS: GO]

Five of the French "EnVyUS" won "ELEAGUE" in the group stage of the championship. This morning was held the final, in which the clash between "EnVyUS" and "", the format of the ma...

  • 512

LGD Gaming participants Nanyang Championship

The organizers of the "Nanyang Championship" told about the changes in the list of participants in its on discipline Dota 2. Championship is worth mentioning that he will be held from 6 to ...

  • 798

Team "Kaipi" lost one of its players

Today came the sad news from the camp of the European team, of changes in the Romanian "Kaipi" team, the team said goodbye to Alexander "ComeWithMe" Krasunesku. After "The Manila Major 2016...

  • 523

Polarity remain, but without a sponsor

Last night we told you that the team "Polarity" ceased to exist, but no statement the players do, and even in-twitter account announced the dissolution of its Dota 2 composition. Also, the ...

  • 556

ESL One Cologne » Preview Group A

I welcome the news readers, as well as people who put on the cyber games. Summer continues, the first of July and today I would like to tell and perhaps predict the outcome of matches in Gr...

  • 1242

SK Gaming is sold? Rumors and investigation.

Internet rumors are gaining strength for the sale of the German sports organization SK Gaming football club Bayern (SK Bayern, Munich, Germany). Journalist Richard Lewis (Richard Lewis) in ...

  • 731

Team "Polarity" ceased to exist

More on the same team in the CIS was less change in the eSports scene in Dota 2 are ongoing. The next step - "Polarity", supposedly the team is not owned by "", but said the disso...

  • 580 dismissed part of the discipline Dota 2

Today, the way Dota 2 composition and organization dispersed, reason was the disappointing results of the players. Let us recall a little history "Bears" from The International 5...

  • 775

Magiskb0y to find a new team for CS: GO

A week ago, the Danish five, who performed under the tag "SK-Gaming" said goodbye to the German organization. Chief director of "SK" - Alexander Müller told a few reasons why this decision ...

  • 579

Results of the US qualifying for Ti6 [Dota 2]

Toward morning the day ended with the qualification of the American division, compared to the other qualifying stage on it attended only 7 groups with which it is connected at this point is...

  • 531

Results of qualifying for the Chinese Ti6 [Dota 2]

A few hours ago I ended with a grand finale of the Chinese qualification, which played "EHOME" and "Vici Gaming.Reborn". Recall the way teams from the group stage of the qualifying. "Vici G...

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