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3 most top players of Counter-Strike

At the end of the year to sum up as usually. On the eve of the official off-season team, CybBet decided to draw a line and point out the most promising players in Counter-Strike in professi...

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Soon games Intel Extreme Masters X in San Jose

Intel Extreme Masters again please fans of eSports colorful festival. At this time in San Jose, California in the grand SAP center will be playing not only for Counter-Strike, but also ...

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The Swedish company MTG bought DreamHack

Swedish media holding company bought the brand DreamHack entirely. Modern Times Group (MTG) in November bought 100% of the world's largest organizer of professional eSports games Swedish...

  • 1862

3 players of the tournament The Frankfurt Major 2015

Tomorrow, November 13 start The Frankfurt Major 2015 . On the first day of group selection will meet the group A and B. Then, the next day will be the game group C and D. We have decided...

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Battle of the Nations NationWars III.

Yet only yesterday 10 November, it published an official release of the game StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void , and it was learned early in the game tournaments in the "Heritage of emptine...

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What to expect from the League of Legends in 2016.

League of Legends developer Riot Games has released the so-called " Pre-season 2016 ", which describes the most important game update (the main outline) in 2016. Not all changes will impl...

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On the way to Frankfurt Major. European teams.

There was just one week before the start of the group stage of the last major-tournament DOTA2 this year, which will be held November 13-21 in Frankfurt, Germany . Overview read our arti...

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Tomorrow starts KeSPA Cup 2015 tournament.

Published Games League of Legends Riot Games, together with the Korean eSports Association KeSPA and South Korean Internet company Naver Corp. hold the tournament in Australia in 2015 LoL ...

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Results of the World Championship Season 2015.

Out of the main event of the year for pro-gamers and fans of League of Legends. Play all the 73 matches World Championship season in 2015, and therefore time to take stock. For the second ...

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Released patch 3.0.3 StarCraft: Heart of the Swarm

On the eve of release Legacy of the Void StarCraft II developers have released update 3.0.3 for Heart of the Swarm. General changes - In the Asian and American regions added new serve...

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