All eSports outcomes pays the winnings on the basis of the official results of the matches in the eSports competition.

All the latest results are displayed on this page Also, if the match is canceled, you will see it in the results column. If you cancel the match or when it has been postponed / interrupted rates will be recalculated by a coefficient of 1. To display the results of matches on eSports duels we take data from official sources. To search for a match, you can use our built-in calendar and filter by eSports disciplines. Fields search calendar have shaped "From" and "To" for easy filtering relevant matches. For example, you want to find a match for the game DOTA 2. To do this, you need to press the left click a column with this game. There will be an automatic filtering of all games to match desired discipline of eSports. Furthermore, if you know the time when you took the right match, you narrow the search by entering the date and the kick-off date of the end of the proposed period.

We're Statistics match results semi-automatically. Here you will find the results of matches in all our games from DotA and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to the League of Legends and rare games such as Panzar or Rocket League. In total, our line includes more than 12 esport games. It is the longest line on rates for eSports in RuNet.

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